Getting over it and moving on….narcissistic mothers shouldn’t define us

Even though I shun the traditional Christmas, I still find myself reflecting over the past year and well, I guess my life in general.

I started this blog when I was coming to terms with the after math of an abusive mother. She had just died and I felt like I was finally over her and her cruel and vicious attacks. I wanted to share my journey and thoughts with others that have walked a mile or two in my shoes. After a few months I felt like I had really found “my voice”.

It wasn’t long before I felt an all consuming dread that this mission I was on had started to define me. I didn’t want to rehash stories of a rude, cruel and narcissistic mother and how it made me feel. I didn’t even want to talk about getting over it and moving on anymore. I knew then I was really “over it”. I needed to stop before this became MY thing…my cross to bear….my story. There is a lot more to me than this history of abuse and I wanted to focus on that for a change! I wanted to get out of the quick sand I felt I was trapped in for 50 some years and move on. I guess that’s why I haven’t posted anything for so long, I didn’t run out of words, I just ran out of reason.

I’m going to keep this blog alive and write when something strikes me, but my primary focus will be on my new blog middleSage. Being much more than the invisible daughter of a narcissistic mother and the lessons I have learned through the journey will be shared on middleSage.

In addition to the invisible daughter of a narcissistic mother…

I have had a full and successful career outside the home….lessons learned.

I have raised two amazing children and have 6 grandchildren….lessons learned.

I have been married unsuccessfully two times and am on the one that works….lesson learned.

I have moved across the country to new towns 6 times and had to make friends and find my purpose all over again…lesson learned.

I love dogs! Our first one was bat shit crazy and the lovable canardly we have now is damn near perfect….lesson learned.

I have had friends come and go, some go of my design others at their own…lesson learned.

I’ve had financial set backs and have come back from some dark days….lesson learned.

What’s middleSage all about?

Thomas Jefferson said “Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.”

At middleSage we have lived a lot, loved a lot, and sinned a bit, and are wise enough to know the difference between the three. We are here to openly share our experiences and thoughts – what has made us laugh, cry, stopped us in our tracks, changed our lives forever.

middleSage is a place for you to read, connect, comment, share the wisdom found only with a woman’s life experience and perspective. What is it in YOUR life that if you knew then what you know now….?

So please join me and my friends, both here and middleSage. If you’d like to guest author a post or two, you can reach me at


One thought on “Getting over it and moving on….narcissistic mothers shouldn’t define us

  1. Thank for this blog and sharing your stories. You introduced me to Brené Brown which has brought about a new phase in my recovery and got me ‘unstuck’ – for that I am ever grateful. Looking forward to reading middleSage! xxoo T Reddy

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