A great post from Life is Mysterious. Reimagine your life and experiences! No matter what you’ve endured in life, you can “recycle” your experiences into tools and stepping stones that propel you forward faster and simultaneously bounce your baggage to the curb.


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  1. HI Barbara,

    I have this weird thing when I read blogs – sometimes, I am not ready to digest certain posts. I may read them and often skim through them and I know that I am not ready to hear (read) what is said. But then I go back to these blogs and read them.

    This post was like this for me. I went to the article that you re-blogged and gave it full attention. Thank you for sharing it.

    I feel very much how the blogger wrote. That I carry my experiences and I think a while ago I realised I didn’t have to ‘get over’ my childhood but learn to take it with me and use it in a different way. I really believe that ACoNs bring a wonderful gift to this world. It is extremely unique because of how we see things and how we see things that are so invisible to other people. The subtle comments that I made out of cruelty. That allows us to be compassionate to others in a very different way.

    Thank you for sharing. xx T Reddy

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